About Bellis Botanicals   

Bellis Botanicals was started in April 2022 by me, Brianca! I am a polymer clay and resin artist that creates pieces inspired by nature. The main focus is on butterflies, plants, snakes, fruits and flowers but I am always looking for something new to create. View the creation process for each piece on Bellis Botanical’s social media!

Our Packaging

Our products come in recycled or recyclable packaging. The boxes we ship orders in are recycled or recyclable along with the paper cushioning and tissue paper.

The Owner


My name is Brianca and I live surrounded by beautiful mountains in Missoula, Montana. You can find me gardening on warm sunny days, creating artwork for your ears or hanging out with my cats and partner. I look forward to sending you jewelry or other creations from Bellis Botanicals and would love to create customer relationships. If you have any ideas, comments or business inquires please send me a message at bellisbotanicals@gmail.com or reach me on our contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Thank you for stopping by!